Find Your Organizational Blind Spots.

Orgnostic is the human capital analytics platform for startups. Get insights into building resilient teams.

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Gain a Competitive Edge From Untapped HR Data.

Most data analytics platforms only aggregate and correlate data. We go beyond correlations. We nested our platform on top of 30 years of research about organizational culture, team effectiveness, and leadership on over 10,000 studied companies.

By doing so, we add the layer of theory and years of practical knowledge to your raw aggregated data. That lets you gain strategic insights about your companies and set a sound governance framework to outperform competitors.

How It Works.

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Without Orgnostic

  • You don’t track any workforce data.
  • Your data is scattered across multiple information systems.
  • You are not sure what metrics to track.
  • Your people strategy is based on intuition.

With Orgnostic

  • Your workforce, business, and finance data are integrated together.
  • You have a human capital management framework.
  • You drive positive changes based on smart insights and recommendations.
  • You unlock your teams’ potential to perform better than the competitors.

The Organizational Compass
for Your Growing Business.


Actively manage your culture through organizational change cycles.

Rightly so, CEOs fear their culture will crumble as their company advances through unexpected organizational changes.

Orgnostic helps you discover critical elements of organizational dynamics you need to optimize as your company transforms.

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Reduce leadership burnout.

In a hectic change environment, top performing individual contributors are likely to get promoted to leadership positions. Some of them do well. Most of them burn out and/or burn the teams with them.

Orgnostic‘s algorithm provides a framework of priorities and insights to help your fresh managers understand their new roles better and navigate in their new positions.


Make your People Team data-driven.

Startup people operations teams are usually slim and focused on talent acquisition. On top of that, they need to cover loads of administration, keep the pulse on employee motivation, fight the turnover, support management, mediate in conflicts, etc. The job feels like firefighting more than anything!

Orgnostic helps your people team utilize the power of data for smart decision making, without a need for additional data scientists.

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Keep Your Top-Performers At Their Peak

Top performers tend to deliver up to 400% more productivity than the average employee. Due to their high efficiency, those employees are often under pressure to deliver results. Losing your top performers due to burn-out is a costly risk. Read more

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